Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bottega Veneta: Not Your Average Glamour

Composed in colors like cognac, curry and caramel, the leather skirts, blouses and dresses were pleated and folded just so to add a timeless sense of volume, curvilinear cuts that flattered the form as they evoked a sense of offbeat class.

One could also greatly admire the Sans Culottes pajama strip cotton jackets, finely sculpted jersey dresses and tapestry print cocktails, which add to the sense of refined poise.

"Volume and glamour, but not in a typical way" was creative director Tomas Maier's comment on the collection, shown in the label's Milan headquarters.

However, while blessed with great taste and a savvy sense of tailoring, Maier's draping this season was hit and miss, especially his sleeveless shifts and coral print housedresses. And the truth about BV shows is that they are often less than the sum of their parts.

The bag of the season so far was the intriguing oxidized tote that Maier sent out. And, his African-influenced loose leather knit clutches were fine too. Once again, Maier dreamt up some natty footwear - refined sandal wedges - and a wonderful choice of jewelry, from sunburst coral earrings to bold amber amulets. kim kardashian camel toe, pfnc global communities, matt millen fired, National punctuation day, casey anthony text messages, cindy michaels from wvii tv

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