Monday, September 22, 2008

Hannah Montana Bottega

Hannah Montana: Patti McTeague, a Disney spokeswoman for the "Hannah Montana" show, told Reuters that reports of on-set turmoil were "absolutely not true, pure gossip."

Cyrus, 15, one of the world's most popular teen celebrities, said she had no plans to leave the show -- Disney's most watched series for 6-11 year-olds and the basis of a huge merchandising empire.

"I am fully committed to 'Hannah Montana,'" Cyrus told People in a report on the magazine's website on Monday.

Cyrus's comments followed reports on celebrity website that Cyrus was trying to get fired by showing up late on set, stalling production and infuriating the cast and crew.

TMZ suggested that Cyrus, who is building a successful pop music career in her own right, wanted to focus on singing rather than the TV show.

In the show, Cyrus plays a schoolgirl who leads a secret life as a pop star named Hannah Montana. One-time country sensation Billy Ray Cyrus, her real life father, plays Miley's dad on the show. Shenzhou 7 mission countdown, Microvascular Angina, Big Brother sweden, News Headlines of the Day, Most Popular, nipah virus

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